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As I entered the classroom, I quickly walked over to my desk, quietly sat down, and instantly resumed my observation of the bird’s nest outside. It was a beautiful day and I could hear the bird’s chirping. I had been observing this fellow since he was a chick and knew that one day he would not be in his mother’s nest for me to observe. I came at the perfect time because I could see the mother standing in the nest beside what used to be her hatchling. They are beautiful creatures built to be carried by hot thermals high into the sky. Man can only dream of accomplishing the feats a bird can naturally do. A man might be closer to accomplishing these feats if he were to have the courage of a bird. Imagine standing at the edge and looking down towards the ground at one’s demise. Then being able to look towards the skies and know that this leap of faith will be the beginnings of a new life. As I pondered this thought, I saw the bird suddenly spread his wings and fall to the earth. Just as I thought he was about to hit the ground, he spread his wings and began the new day by soaring into the realm of the skies.
A smile spread across my face just as the bell rang, signifying the start of a new day for me. Mr. Franklin started class with a lecture encompassing the beginnings of the Japanese American incarceration. He began “Following the attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, agents of the FBI swept through Japanese American communities in California, Oregon, and Washington, apprehending leaders who had been identified as potential threat…” He continued, “Singled out by race alone, Japanese Americans became the victims of racial policies that stripped them of their rights as American citizens” (Tateishi). “Nezumi,” Mr. Franklin sta...

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...places I lived I was not accepted, but did I ever once do anything about my situation? I did not. Yes, I could be considered one of “them” or perhaps even as the gaijin, but I am more then that. I am a person, and I want people to see me as an individual with my own personality and characteristics. No more will I be forced into a stereotype. I am an individual and should be treated as one. I find it amusing that my courage comes from the courage of a bird.

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