The Counterproductiveness Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction Essay example

The Counterproductiveness Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction Essay example

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The CounterProductiveness of Weapons of Mass Destruction
At 5:30 a.m. on July 16, 1945, Scientist from a government sanctioned group called Los Alamos dropped the first Atomic bomb at Trinity site. The World was never the same again. Less than a month Later a B-29 US bomber christened the Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb On the japanese city of Hiroshima instantly killing 80,000 Japanese civilians. The Bombing of Nagasaki followed within the week, and in total about 220,000 people died. While some may say that the dropping of these bombs were justified, the world it led us to is a darker one because of it. the destruction of life and property, the effects of radiation on the human body, And the cost of maintaining these weapons far outweigh the “safety” they bring modern society. The most important idea to think of when debating this topic is the threat to human life and the world as we know it.
Modern media loves Nuclear Holocausts. From movies, to books,to video games, most people have seen a scenario with nuclear destruction, And that 's because this is not a far-fetching idea. There is currently 15,000 nuclear weapons spread out between 9 countries. The United States and Russia both keep around 1,800 of these missiles on high alert; Able to be fired within minutes. One can only imagine what one of these weapons could do to a major city, And even on a larger scale, the World. Nuclear winter was discovered back around 1984. The process goes that if enough Nuclear warheads went off, the smoke would block out the sun, effectively dropping temperatures below freezing, killing all crops, and in effect killing humanity by starvation. The following picture is what scientist believe the world would look like after a nuclear war betwee...

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...n you look at the bottom line however, are these weapons really worth it?
For those that say nuclear weapons keep us safe; They don’t. The weapons actually encourage hostilities with other countries. The Cold War is a perfect example of this, which almost accumulated with a nuclear war in the Cuban Missile Crisis. With the overall cost, maintenance, harm to person, and destruction to property, ecosystem, and human life, should these weapons be allowed to progress us into the coming decades? No. Nuclear weapons should be disarmed, and never again seen in this World. Albert Einstein one of the leading men in the Nuclear bomb race once said after seeing the effects of the bomb “The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking... the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker."

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