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Cost of Universities Essay

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Thesis statement: Both universities, local or foreign portray their own uniqueness, from the cost of studying to the environment factors and the similarity in experiences.

1) Topic sentence:
The cost of studying in local universities and foreign universities is greatly different.
Supporting details:
 Cost of tuition fees in foreign universities is higher than in local universities.
 Studying in local universities need to spend about forty to fifty thousand ringgit whereas studying in foreign universities, we need to spend a few hundred thousand ringgit.
 With the present economy downturn and the dropping value of the local currency, costs of tuition fees are increasing and definitely more expensive.

 Cost of living in foreign universities is more expensive than in local universities.
 Food, winter clothing, accommodation and other expenses that is needed while studying in foreign universities will come to quite a hefty amount compared to the cost of living in local universities.
 If you are studying locally, the average cost of living per month is between RM700 - RM950 only (USD210.91 - USD286.23) but studying in foreign universities, the average cost of living is between RM2323.30 - RM3319 (USD700-USD1000) per month, which is not only double but triple the cost.

 Studying in foreign universities involves other expenditures while studying in local universities is excluded from these extra expenditures.
 Students who want to apply to study in foreign universities may have to clear some tests to verifying their eligibility in order to study in the universities.
 Moreover, studying in foreign universities can be very costly too as students have to fork out for passport and visa charges, flight charges and so much mo...

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