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Corruption Of The American Dream Essay

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Taj Dimbo
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Corruption of the American Dream
In The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald the American dream becomes corrupted by the pursuit of money. The American Dream is basically a dream to accomplish your goals but too much money and power can corrupt this dream. Gatsby was motivated to acquire his dream. “He stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way… and distinguished nothing except a single green light”(20). This quote shows how Gatsby was striving for his goal and trying to accomplish it no matter what the obstacles were. Other characters that had to deal with their dream being corrupted were Myrtle and Daisy. Myrtle’s dream was to live a rich and famous life while Daisy’s dream was to acquire the pursuit of happiness.
The American Dream became very corrupted, the main goals were wealth and power. Gatsby was corrupted by the money and too much power because his main goal was to have Daisy be his own. The main reason he was so in love with Daisy was because she represented wealth. Gatsby stated, “Her voice was full of money”(120). Gatsby needed to have a huge house so he could feel confident enough and have enough motivation to try to win Daisy. He needed to have a large expensive mansion since Daisy was a rich woman with rich taste. The dream became so corrupted by money that Gatsby couldn 't even focus more on Daisy, he was focusing more on materialistic things that would cost money to win Daisy but he never focused on actually trying to bring her in. The result of Gatsby’s Dream being corrupted by money and power was that the motivation was completely vanished and now left him with an empty goal. Gatsby lost all motivation because of his dream being corrupted. D...

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...’t. That love was corrupted by money and power. She never ended up happy, she only ended up with money and that didn’t make her happy. Daisy also realized that she could’ve also married Gatsby for money and she would’ve also gotten the love and happiness she dreamed of from him. Daisy’s goal of living the American Dream and happiness was destroyed and so was her happiness.
The American Dream in The Great Gatsby was a very powerful dream that many of the characters in the story dreamed to live. When this dream was corrupted it caused nothing but destruction and unhappiness within the characters. Many of the characters dreamed of having wealth and wanted to do anything they could to acquire that money. The corruption of the American Dream really shows that money cannot buy you happiness and the characters in this story could not process that idea through their heads.

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