The Correlation between Education, Social Class and Success Essay

The Correlation between Education, Social Class and Success Essay

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Success. Society tends to correlate “success” with the obtainment of a higher education. But what leads to a higher education? What many are reluctant to admit is that the American dream has fallen. Class division has become nearly impossible to repair. From educations such as Stanford, Harvard, and UCLA to vocational, adult programs, and community, pertaining to one education solely relies on one’s social class. Social class surreptitiously defines your “success”, the hidden curriculum of what your socioeconomic education teaches you to stay with in that social class.
The education system has heavily relied on students socioeconomic factors to dictate their education style ultimately preparing them for skills necessary to fit in their social class. The American dream is dead, it is no longer to strive and work hard to become successful, rather as Bambara shows it, work hard to barely survive day to day. Bambara portrays this division by the inference that the characters have little to no knowledge or respect for a higher education or for a matter of factor a education at all. Silvia, the main character, features all three minority factors, low income and an African American female. Moreover, the expectancy of success is nevertheless little to nothing greater than her parents. Due to her socioeconomic background, higher education is viewed as a joke, referred to a “goddamn college degree” (254). Silvia is then subjected to live a lifestyle common to her parents, to not strive to be able to buy a toy boat for a thousand dollars, but to frown upon the possibility.
As described by Rose, in his vocational track, students were constantly yelled at, for example the P.E teacher, in some cases it relates to the lesson that the syst...

... middle of paper ...

...oped by the system that keeps them within the cycle. Society is the wall that blocks one to success, but it is their own shadow of fear and normalcy that ultimately covers the opportunity.

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