Education vs Social Class

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Social class vs. Education America is considered the land of possibility to many, the land of the free. There is a plethora of businesses that function only through the collaboration of members that reside in every level of social class. As Anyon puts it, “… social class describes relationships which we as adults have developed, may attempt to maintain, and in which we participate in every working day”(anyon 398). One’s social class contains and is built by many different interactions. Your social class begins to be constructed at birth and is developed through interactions in the community, work place, and before all else places of education. Indeed the skills and level of thinking learned through education is a deciding factor in how strongly you can participate in the economy there for determining a major factor in social class (Anyon 398 p. 10). This topic is discussed in articles written by (Kozol, Matzios, and Jean Anyon) who pose similar arguments to reinforce this observation but also have contrasting ideas on the subject. In all functioning capitalistic economies in the world there are distinct separations between the types of work done, or rather the skills used, to complete the job at hand. The lower level jobs like factory work generally function through having employees follow strict guidelines with attention to detail. While this is still a skill to be learned it requires little development of outside knowledge or the ability to analyze critically. Higher paying jobs come with the responsibility to be able to act for oneself and in the interest of what is beneficial by dealing with each situation in a calculated and often creative manner. These different skill sets are acquired through different methods of learnin... ... middle of paper ... ...ion and for that reason it leaves few opportunities open to learners other than professions that The labels of cause and effect can be applied to both sides of the education vs. social class relationship; each effect on the other is seen in full circle. To conclude, what can be learned from each level school is most likely what caused the child to be in that level education in the first place. The environments of each teaching environment are re-created in the working environment seen at the corresponding level of job. Better education leads to more opportunities in the work force and allows for more money to be reinvested into that symbolic capitol for the next generation. Sadly until the flaws of the lower class education system are fixed it will continue to reiterate the fact that “The rich only get richer while the poor only get poorer” (Mantsios I think)
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