The Core Belief Of A Failure Essay

The Core Belief Of A Failure Essay

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as “if I get higher than a B+ I am successful" or in turn a negative rule which indicates "if I get anything lower than a B+ I am a failure". The issue with these Rules is that often they are largely out of reach for the individual meaning that failure is almost reinforced and by extension so is the core beliefs.
Assumptions create a very similar issue. For instance, reiterating the core belief of a failure, a person may assume they will fail their test and as a consequence avoid doing the behavior. The final aspect of intermediate beliefs is Attitudes, which refers to the way that a person feels about a particular action or outcome in a situation. Together intimidate beliefs work to drive a person’s behaviors and responses to event by creating preexisting expectations. The last part of the model refers to Automatic thoughts, which are the actual words and images that appear in the person 's mind when a specific event has occurred, it is, therefore, the persons own superficial translation of the event based on their core beliefs and their intermediate beliefs. In many ways, automatic thoughts can be used to understand how some of the aspects of MDD develop as responses to negative thoughts (Beck, 2011).
In summary, the aetiology of major depressive disorder from a CBT perspective explains that depression is a continual process usually starting during childhood. Schemas ensure that the theme of the belief is reinforced by only encoding information that belongs to it, which are coded into attitudes, rule and assumptions therefore influencing how an individual approaches aspect of their lives. However, while these factors act as the essential back round for depression to develop, it is not until an event that triggers automatic tho...

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...y can develop in relation to events, emotions and other internal and external stimuli. The therapist then aims to elicit the specific Automatic thought, Elicitation can occur in many forms including the use of key phrases, or images relating to what they believe will cause a thought to be produced. Finally, the key goal of the therapy is to train the individual to evaluate and understand their own Automatic thoughts in the way that they have done within treatment.
In terms of MDD, the role of Automatic thoughts tends to be somewhat sidelined for direct changes to Core beliefs. There is however, a small body of research that indicates that Automatic thoughts may mediate the relationship between negative life events and the depressive symptoms (Kwon & Oei, 1992). Other research into the area also indicates that a focus on Automatic thoughts in CBT may actually reduce

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