Conventional and Nazi Antisemitism Essay

Conventional and Nazi Antisemitism Essay

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Some may think that there is not a difference between the antisemitism that occurred between 1817 and 1914 and Nazi antisemitism. However, there are distinctions that make them separate, and there are a few things they share. Conventional antisemitism occurred as a way to control the Jews and manipulate their lives. Nazi antisemitism on the other hand, was mostly violent behavior directed toward Jews to eliminate the population. Conventional and Nazi antisemitism were different mainly because the Nazis brutally murdered Jews to exterminate an entire population, and conventional antisemitism was mostly an idea of hatred and a desire for Jews to immigrate. Russia is a common ground between the two. Russia had the idea of antisemitism hatred and wanting Jews to immigrate, but also with violence. It was not on the same level as Nazi antisemitism but many Jews were killed.
The rise of conventional antisemitism occurred in places like Germany, France, and Austria between 1817 and 1914. In Germany, it was because the Jews profited from the industrial revolution unlike most of the native population. In France, the Jews were blamed for the French downfall in World War II, and in Austria they merely blamed Jews for any problems they had. Because of this, these countries began to have new national ideas. They believed nations were culturally exclusive, meaning it should be one ethnic group, and one culture, and no other group should contaminate it. They believed Jews would deteriorate the race and weaken the ethnicity. Antisemitism then became a secular idea rather than a religious one. Gentiles hated Jews simply because they were Jewish, not because of their religion. Once the idea began, it spread rapidly. In Germany, they had antisemi...

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...llion Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, and of those six million, 2.75 million were murdered in the six death camps.
The differences between conventional antisemitism and Nazi antisemitism are now clearly seen. Conventional was mostly an idea in places such as France, Germany, and Austria. They wanted Jews out of the country but they did nothing about it. Russia was the main place that had pogroms where Jews were actually in danger and harmed. Later, Germany became the hostile area instead of Russia. The Nazi party decided to exterminate the Jews. This was done in ghettos, mass shootings, and death camps. All the murders were because Jews were blamed for everything and many people jumped on the Jew hatred bandwagon so eventually everyone wanted Jews gone for good. When everyone wants it, there is no one to stand up for the Jews, and this resulted in murders.

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