The Controversy Of Cloning And Genetic Engineering Essay

The Controversy Of Cloning And Genetic Engineering Essay

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The Cloning Controversy

With the constant developments in technology, cloning is widely talked about and one topic causing a great public response around the globe. Advocates believe cloning and genetic engineering will be the answer to most of the diseases in the future and ultimately creating a stronger human being. In contrast, people against cloning view it as playing god. Cloning is highly unethical because people could lose their identities and it is as if we are taking nature into our own hands by cloning animals or humans.
According to Wikipedia, “cloning refers to processes used to create copies of DNA fragments, cells, or organisms.” It was in 1938, the first idea of cloning was propositioned by Hans Spemann. He came up with a “fantastic experiment” to replace to nucleus of an egg cell with another in order to grow an embryo. Cloning then made a giant leap in 1996, when a sheep named Dolly was created. Since then, there have been ten to fifteen more species of animals cloned. Some of them include a rhesus monkey, a buffalo, a deer, a female camel, and a Labrador dog.
Many advantages, disadvantages, and key ethical issues require careful research on this subject. In a time where everything depends on technology and life can be created in a Petri dish, the distinctions between natural and artificial have been blurred.
Supporters of cloning claim it has the potential to increase food production and quality, cure diseases, and prolong human life. On the other hand, opposes say that genetic engineering of food would pollute the food supply with potentially harmful chemicals and devastate the environment and human life itself. They believe animal and human cloning would breed monsters, of a sort, and manipulat...

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...d criminal cartels. The post-human creatures that have the potential to emerge from this type of competitiveness will not be ideal forms exemplifying the best human principles. If the advance of reproductive cloning produces a new breed of post-humans, it will come about from the interaction of all too well known human intensities and drives such as war, profit and the big-headedness of leaders.
As an individual person and human being, most of us are raised with some sense of family values and morals. We are taught about the importance of respect, marriage, and parenthood. The process of cloning will bring upon the departure of those values and more. With today 's technology, these values are more rapidly diminishing every day. Therefore, it is very important to put an end to cloning and stand up for your right to be a free individual, unaltered, human being.

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