Control Within The Districts Of The United States Essay examples

Control Within The Districts Of The United States Essay examples

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Control Within the Districts
In a decay of what was once North America, established a country named Panem, ruled by president Snow, with a powerful Capitol enclosed by twelve districts which provided the country’s resources; technology, grain, fish, coal, lumber, transportation, electricity, livestock, textiles, crops, and gems. The Capitol obtains most of the country’s wealth, it had order, it ruled the districts, but some of the districts thirst for political freedom more than others. District thirteen attacked the capitol creating the first rebellion, the Capitol prevailed, district thirteen was destroyed. After the first rebellion the Treaty of Treason played in effect, as a reminder of the rebellion and the Dark Days, the capitol hosts The Hunger Games each year to show that they have order and always will. Suzanne Collins writes about how this government wants to obtain order and show that they will have order by having these annual games, keeping a close eye on all districts, and penalize the ones who break laws.
The ruler of Panem, President Snow, has a thirst for violence and authority. He feeds it by continuing the ruthless games and making the tributes just a piece of his so called game also feeding the capitol with entertainment by broadcasting it live on television. Snow needs to be controlling in order to have authority and be secure. Not even the capable are able to overthrow the Capitol is what Snow believes.
The capitol arranges The Hunger Games each year, it is a game in which both one boy and one girl ages twelve to eighteen from each district are sent into a nightmare of an arena forcing them to kill one another while they watch, until there is only one victor. This is the Capitol’s way of reminding t...

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... rugged, but it did what it had to do, feed them. It was mainly set for the poorer districts like District 10, 11 and 12. It was less common in district 1 and 2 for they were wealthier. District one and two are one of the wealthiest districts in Panem, they manufacture jewels, diamonds, gems, luxury items for the Capitol. The Capitol are very fond of district one and two. District two’s industrial work are making textiles, they are one of the biggest and richest districts in Panem as well.
Suzanne Collins novel, The Hunger Games, sets how the Capitol wants to always have control, through a series of events with in the country of Panem are shown. The capitol had its triumphs in the first book up until the end of how Katniss and Peeta were willing to die together and are willing to sacrifice themselves showing the country at that point that they had no control.

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