Contemporary International Security Of Western Europe Essay

Contemporary International Security Of Western Europe Essay

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Throughout the course of history, bloody and senseless war raged throughout Europe as different reigning governments sought to expand their power, terrain, and treasure. Recent history, the past one hundred years, war expanded its milieu to genocide, murder, and violence on an epic scale with weapons capable of destroying entire cities in seconds. During this time, the world naively watched the rise and fall of one the most brutal and violent megalomaniacs ever assigned a position of authority on our green earth, Adolf Hitler, the appointed Chancellor of Germany, where he ruled with an evil unmatched by even the most sadistic men. Although seventy years removed from the defeat of Hitler and the Third Reich, Western Europe is facing new security challenges. The component or theme that most influences contemporary international security in Western Europe is globalization and we will use Barber’s three imperatives to analyze the effects of globalization on this region. The three imperatives are a market imperative, a resource imperative, and information-technology imperative.
By shrinking the world (globalization) and diminishing the salience of national borders, these imperatives have achieved a considerable victory over factiousness and particularism. The market imperative avouches that all national economies are now vulnerable to the inroads of larger, transnational markets within which trade is free, currencies are convertible, access to banking is open and contracts are enforceable under the law. The aforementioned is the basis for the groundwork of the European Union ensconced with all the hopes and pride of rising united Western Europe; however, the utopia they sought is slowly vanishing. The hope of the European Un...

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...ern Europe is globalization and an analysis of Barber’s three imperatives clearly demonstrates the phenomenon is degrading the security of the region. Although not an all-inclusive list, the imperatives Barber describes in his article capture the essence of the European crisis perfectly. The refugees crisis serving as resource imperative for those that have and those that need coupled with the open borders of the altruistic desires of the EU have created a security dilemma of epic proportions. The economic crisis of the EU, through the imperatives, demonstrates that leaders with the union, if unchecked, can destroy the very fiber and security of the union through economic malfeasance. The economic crisis coupled with the technological gap has created a vacuum in Europe that is shaking the very foundation of the union and its future and strength are in question.

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