Consumer Perception And Behavior About The Brand Essay

Consumer Perception And Behavior About The Brand Essay

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7) Consumer Perception and Behaviour about the Brand
Consumer behavior is the study of how individuals, groups, and collective entities choose, purchase, utilize, and discard ideas, goods, or services to satisfy needs and wants.
An understanding of the target audience’s influences, psychological process, and the stages of a consumer’s purchase decision process are critical to achieving organizational sales and marketing objectives translating to success. (Zoeller 's, 2016)
A consumer’s buying behavior is influenced by cultural, social, personal and psychological factors. Cultural factors have the broadest and deepest influence for consumers when making a purchase.
Cultural Factors
Each culture consists of smaller subcultures with distinct social classes. Subcultures include nationalities, religions, racial groups, and geographic regions.
Social Classes
Social classes are relatively similar divisions in a society that have a distinguishable hierarchy with similar values, behavior, and interests.
Social Factors
Social factors consist of reference groups, family, roles, and status.
Personal Factors
Personal factors include age and stage in the life cycle, occupation/economic situation, personality/self-concept, lifestyle, and values.
Psychological Process
The stimulus-response model of consumer behavior provides an overview of the key psychological process involved in the decision-making process.

Values of Consumer Perception
 Organisation
 Identification
 Interpretation

 Organic food is often more expensive than conventionally produced food. This is because production is more labor intensive and, without the chemicals, yields are generally smaller. because of being expensive consumer demand is low as compared to non-o...

... middle of paper ... as the producer has the multi-layered connection with other business functions on farms, primarily with sale and production. The success of distribution depends on phases through which organic food passes on its way from a producer to a consumer, as well as on the number of mediators in each of the individual phases (Rehber & Turhan, 2002).
Promotion as marketing-mix of organic food
Promotion of organic food helps the customers to know more about the product quality and its advantages. Promotion helps to increase the demand of organic food with the advertisement done by producers. Promotion of organic food helps to change the old habits concerning nutrition, health standards and satisfaction of the consumer. Through various advertisements, TV, Radio, post, social media promotion of organic food is done which motivates consumers to purchase organic food products.

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