Essay The Constitution and The Right to Privacy

Essay The Constitution and The Right to Privacy

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Right to Privacy:
Many people throughout the world do not realize how their right to privacy is at risk and the need to understand that it is very important, more than they think. Most people in society do not realize that it is a bigger issue than what it sounds to be. As many of you may know the 14th amendment has been involved in many cases that had to do with the right to privacy. This amendment to the constitution guarantees us the right to privacy, but what does this mean? This paper is an attempt to show how the right to privacy is applied in public, in the workplace and in the home.
Throughout the years, many people have known that the right to privacy is not mentioned in the Constitution. The Supreme Court has confirmed that there are several amendments to create this right. One of the most known Amendments that have to do with the right to privacy is the Fourth Amendment. This amendment does not allow the police to or any other government agents to search us or our property. The only thing that could allow them to “invade” our privacy is if they have a “warrant”. There are many other amendments that involve privacy. (Union, 2003)
As we may all know our right to privacy is a human right and an element of various legal traditions which may restrain both government and private party action that threatens the privacy an individual’s background. These two men named Warren and Brandeis wrote that privacy is the “right to be let alone”, and focused on protecting individuals. The right to privacy is out own right to keep a domain around us, including things around us such as our own body, home, property, thoughts, feelings, secrets, and our identity. We have our right to choose who we let to access our parts also as to contro...

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...ssue, sense as far back as anyone can remember. Most people in society do not realize that it is a bigger issue than what it sounds to be. As many of you may not know but the 14th amendment has been involved in many cases that had to do with the Right to Privacy.

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