Confucius : A Major Role During The Time Of The Zhou Dynasty Essay

Confucius : A Major Role During The Time Of The Zhou Dynasty Essay

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“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” (qtd. in "Quotes by Confucius"). Confucius was an exceptionally prominent character around 551 BCE until his death in 479 BCE, although records are unclear. He was greatly influential back in that time, and still remains so to this day; especially in Eastern countries such as China. Through his teachings and ideologies, he founded the Ru School of Chinese Thought, which today has been given the name of Confucianism. Confucius impacted political and sociological standpoints; much of which still helps to shape the Chinese thought.
Confucius played a major role during the time of the Zhou dynasty. “Confucius was a thinker, a political figure, an educator” (“Confucius”). The Analects of Confucius contain information on how one should interact with others and conduct their daily lives, and how deeply people should participate in society and government. These ideas then spread to his students, and eventually to many regions of Asia. This helped to shape the Chinese mindset and the mindset of other nations who chose to adopt Confucianism, such as Korea and Vietnam. However, “for much of Chinese history Confucianism would be associated with an immutable hierarchy of authority and unquestioning obedience” (“Religion Library: Confucianism”).
Confucianism can be seen as a political and sociological theory of human nature that could yield a Dao, which can be considered as either a doctrine or way. “The political theory starts with a doctrine of political authority based on the mandate of heaven” (“Confucianism”). The basic idea of the mandate of heaven was that all legitimate rulers obtained their authority directly from a deity, very similarly to the Pha...

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... Through the writing of these texts, one can infer that he was eventually recognized among some as a deity himself, and soon a cult organized itself to worship Confucius. If such beliefs of Confucius had persisted, Confucius would have been seen as the ultimate figure in history.
In conclusion, it is clear that Confucianism greatly influenced the Chinese state through the use of both a political and sociological standpoint. Confucian Analects and beliefs helped to shape the path of Chinese history and the mindset of the Ancient Chinese. Confucius’s mandate of heaven helped to shape the political values of the Chinese empire, and the Analects of Confucius contributed both to changing the Chinese sociological and political system. Without a doubt, Confucius left a long lasting effect on the world that will always influence philosophy even if his name is forgotten.

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