Conflicts in the Antebellum Era Essay

Conflicts in the Antebellum Era Essay

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Conflicts of ideals in the newly “freed” United States increased during the antebellum era, ultimately because of the long-driven question of freedom and liberty. Many people believed that to be free and have liberty was to be able to own land and property. This brought on the idea of the “freedom” to take the land that the Native Americans had been living on and the spreading of the institution of slavery. These issues both lead to an eventual division of the Union, causing the Civil War.
Native Americans, namely the Cherokees, had been living on the lands of the eventual Americas without European contact for years until the 1700s. After contact was made and America had gained freedom, people like President Andrew Jackson, believed that the Cherokees should be removed from the land that was rightfully the United States’. President Jackson even hired Benjamin F. Curry of Tennessee to help with the removal of the Cherokees from east of the Mississippi River. Curry believed that his job was to try to drive the Cherokees to either want to leave without a second thought or sign a treaty agreeing to America’s terms. Curry’s actions led to the natives of the Cherokee nation’s objections of being removed so miserably. Many complained about how their significant others or children were either forcibly removed or held to get the natives to agree to leave. Some of the natives decided that they would try to fight their way out of being removed, but some, like Rebecca Neugin, a member of the Cherokee nation’s father were persuaded not to resist so that they or their families would not be harmed more than necessary. When some of the Americans, like Evan Jones, saw this, they tried to spread awareness of how the Cherokees were being treated,...

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