The Conflict Of The Border Conflict Essay

The Conflict Of The Border Conflict Essay

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Problems raised surround the border, the border conflicts, bring out the need of a border thinking. Because border has already imbued with oppositions, the interaction happened in the border is also problematic. Conflicts happen not only identity conflict but also classed, racial, language etc. Mignolo and Tlostanova argue that this kind of “thinking or theorizing emerges from and as a response to the violence (frontiers), modernity, and globalization that continues to be implemented on the assumption of the inferiority or devilish intentions of the Other and, therefore continues to justify oppression and exploitation as well as eradication of the difference” (206). Kanellos affirms that people who cross borders either physically or symbolically or even in both ways “construct more than one national identity at a time or deconstruct and reject them all” (34). In the process of constructing the identity, people might experience conflicts like Yolanda and other Garcia girls in Alvarez’s novel. Acceptance, deconstruction, or rejection to the dominant discourse are possible to happen. Border thinking helps people to be able see and situate themselves in order to find a middle ground for the conflicts they experience. In brief, border thinking means executing a decolonial project over the experiences of the colonized and the subaltern. Similarly, Donna Niday and Dale Allender assert that as the post-colonial and cultural studies theories began to explore the complexity of the political and cultural exchanges along the border, this enables the birth of the border studies theory (1). The interactions in the borderlands which encompass groups of people from different backgrounds namely cultural, ethnicity, racial, religion, class etc. hav...

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...’ herself. By understanding the nature of the border, people can also acquire ‘a border perspective’ as proposed by Martínez. This kind of perspective works similar to Anzaldúa’s. In the process of understanding both sides of the border, the process of un-learning the dominant discourse happens. In Mignolo and Tlostanova’s terms, it is known as the critical border thinking.
Border’s definition also develops and changes as time goes by. Along with the globalization with its rapid connectivity, increased mobility and free market, the borders “are in constant transition, and the shape they take in the future will influence multiple arenas, whether political, social, economic, or cultural.” Ergo, the border become “more flexible, more permeable, and more blurred” (Romero 15). The future of a borderless world is approaching and the interactions will be more challenging.

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