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  • Borders

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    Borders are concepts which encompass and exclude. They exist everywhere. Some are literal visible physical lines whereas others go beyond sight and exist in terms of characteristics such as monetary wealth, or even humanity. Over time these boundaries are redefined and in turn change the flow of daily life for the individuals they effect. In many cases it is the powerful governments which are in control of the pen which outline these symbolic and physical lines. However as history can prove even

  • Crossing Borders

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    Crossing Borders The beat-up Arab minivan slowed tentatively under the scrutinizing gaze of the Israeli soldier on duty. The routine was simple. About halfway between Damascus Gate in East Jerusalem and Ramallah, the West Bank commercial center, the driver, blaring Arabic music on his radio, maneuvered around the dusty slabs of concrete that composed the Beit Haninah Checkpoint. He waited for a once-over by the Hebrew-speaking 18-year-old and permission to continue. Checkpoints-usually just small

  • Life on the Border

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    Life on the Border I used to be a person who was hung up on material possessions. I was always wanting more, never satisfied with what I had. Whenever I would go to the mall, I would want everything that I saw. If I had money I would always spend it. I was constantly buying things that I didn’t need or only used once. I felt like I was unfortunate because I didn’t have a new outfit every week, and I couldn’t get a new pair of shoes every time I walked out the door, but that all changed the summer

  • Jumping the Border

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    Jumping the Border Imagine this, living in a very small town, smaller than Kachina Village, with only one store where you could make and receive phone calls, there are no public phones, no residential phone lines, no electricity and no running water. The roads are not paved until you get to the main road where people travel the most. The next town is about thirty minutes away, and there is only one bus that comes to this small town once a week, so people can go shopping and do other things

  • A Case for Open Borders

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    A Case for Open Borders In his address to a joint session of Congress on January 8, 1918, President Woodrow Wilson declared freedom of the seas in times of peace and war. Looking back, it seems ridiculous to think that anyone could challenge the right of individuals to navigate the oceans freely. However, fast-forward to the twenty-first century and we can see an analogous debate over the issue of immigration rights, with territorial borders being the main topic of discussion. The system of

  • Levinas on the Border(s)

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    Levinas on the Border(s) ABSTRACT: This essay explores my own situation of teaching philosophy in a more or less traditional undergraduate setting but in a way that is especially relevant to the theme of this Congress, namely, the theme of "philosophy educating humanity." In my case, I teach philosophy but from a perspective that is non-traditional and which undercuts the standard questions originating from and orienting around a "philosophia perennia." Specifically, I teach philosophy of religion

  • Borders and Walls in Humanity

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    Borders and Walls in Humanity When a wall is encountered literally and physically, there are many different ways in which a person can react to the situation. One group of people would generally just find a way over or around the obstacle. While some other people might pursue a way directly through the wall. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but they both exist as outcomes to the same dilemma. The basic wall has been around with humans for as long as the discovery of masonry

  • Borders and Dreams by Chris Carger

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    Borders and Dreams by Chris Carger In the book Borders and Dreams, Chris Carger shows the readers the hardships of Alejandro, a Spanish-American boy with very little educational background. In her case study of both Alejandro and his family she shows how the limitations of Alejandro, his parents, and an overpopulated school system can make succeeding in an American school nearly impossible. In this paper I will look at all the obstacles that Alejandro faced both before and during his education

  • Math Borders Investigation

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    Math Borders Investigation Figure below shows a dark cross-shape that has been surrounded by white squares to create a bigger cross-shape; The bigger cross-shape consists of 25 small squares in total. ------------------------------------------------------------- The next cross-shape is always made by surrounding the previous cross-shape with small squares. Part 1- Investigate to see how many squares would be needed to make any cross-shape built in this way. Part 2- Extend

  • A Child Between Two Borders

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    A Child Between Two Borders Swinging back and forth, a five-year-old child plays innocently on the monkey bars thinking only of what's for lunch. I'm sure all of you can remember blissfully innocent times like these. Everything seemed so much simpler. The stresses of finding jobs, paying bills, and handling life's other complexities were nonexistent. When you really look back, that image of innocence is a more crucial time than you previously thought. It was during times like these that I, like

  • Geographic Borders: Borders: A Very Short Introduction, by Alexander C. Diener and Joshua Hagen

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    Borders: A Very Short Introduction, by Alexander C. Diener and Joshua Hagen, is a brief the history of geographic borders and their implications on the world throughout history. Diener and Hagen make the argument that borders, as commonly understood today, are a relatively new phenomenon and as humanity moves forward borders modern boarders will no longer be possible. The writers maintain as globalization continues to make the world a smaller place or as they say, “make the world flat”, the notion

  • Costs And Contributions: The Wave From South Of The Border

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    Costs and Contributions: The Wave From South of The Border Every year, hundreds of millions of people enter the US via land ports of entry, and the INS each year apprehends over 1.3 million aliens at or near the border. Over 90 percent of those apprehended near the border are Mexicans, and some who enter the US legally and illegally are carrying drugs into the US. This influx of illegal immigrants from south of the border has created quite a stir in many places. Is this good that people are coming

  • Hispanic Girls Growing up on the Border

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    Hispanic Girls Growing up on the Border The Southwest United States is an area of great diversity. It is located on the border between the US and Mexico. In this region there are four main ethnicities represented: Hispanics, African Americans, Anglo Americans, and Native Americans. These groups interact daily working in the same offices and going to school together. Youth of each ethnicity face risks as they grow up. By focusing on the Hispanic adolescent girl the extent of the possible

  • Border Security and Transatlantic Counter-Terrorism Measures

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    Border Security and Transatlantic Counter-Terrorism Measures ABSTRACT: The United States and the European Union share common values, economic interests, and security challenges. The expansion of the European Union into the countries which were under the Soviet sphere of influence continues to complicate the internal border security of the European Union. Given the liberalization of trade within the EU and in turn into the US, the port and border security of each trading partner is connected

  • Challenges To Border Protection

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    Significant challenges regarding border protection or illegal immigration There are many different challenges that the United States is faced with in regards to border protection. Some of these challenges include, but are not limited to: political conflict, immigration smuggling, funding, and the immigration nationalism. The main challenge is the amount of funding given to border protection agencies. Legislation continues to debate over how much funding should be given to border control based on political

  • Border Music by Robert James Waller

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    Border Music by Robert James Waller 1.) Title: Boarder Music Published: Warner Books Inc. Author: Robert James Waller Where book was acquired: WBHS Library 2.) What type of book: Fiction 3.) Characters: 1986 1.) Jack Carmine- Is a 48-year-old man who lives an independent life style. Everything he does is a spur of the moment thing. He works all the time, and his jobs are as unpredictable as he is. He originally is from Alpine Texas, but he goes north for the summer. All he wants is to live his

  • The Border Patrol State

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    The Border Patrol State In “The Border Patrol State” Leslie Silko makes accusations of the border patrol’s mistreatment of American citizens of Mexican decent, making the argument with almost evidence. Silko, a critically acclaimed poet, sees the border patrol as a governmental assembly addicted to interrogation, torture, and the murder of those they see fit. Leslie Silko certainly makes accusations that some could argue far exceed the boundaries of journalism integrity, and fail to deliver with

  • The US Border Patrol

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    The US Border Patrol The U.S. Border Patrol is the organization that polices the entry of illegal immigrants into our country. The official mission of the United States Border patrol is to protect the boundaries of the United States by preventing illegal entry, and by detecting, interdicting, and apprehending illegal aliens, smugglers, and contraband. Today, the United States Border Patrol consists of 21 sectors. Each sector is headed by a chief patrol agent. There are 145 stations located

  • Borders Group Developing Strategy

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    material formats to digital format and borders own forfeiture of market share. These issues among others have subsidized to failures in borders equivalent store sales procedures and in their sales per geographical measures over the last few years. These failures have in turn impacted negatively for profits. In the united sates’ book retailing industry is an advanced industry and borders group have acknowledged little or no growth in recent years. Books epitomize borders main product type in terms of sales

  • The Importance of Stories in "Borders" by Thomas King

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    In Thomas King's short story "Borders," a Blackfoot mother struggles with maintaining her cultural heritage under the pressure of two dominating nations. Storytelling is important, both for the mother and for the dominant White society. Stories are used to maintain and pass on cultural information and customs from one generation to another. Furthermore, stories can be used both positively and negatively. They can trap individuals into certain ways of thinking, but they can also act as catalysts that