Conflict Management Style Is A Winning Win Resolution Essay

Conflict Management Style Is A Winning Win Resolution Essay

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Conflicts situation can happen at any time. There are many different ways to handle conflict situations. To strengthen our skills in responding to conflicts situation we must understand the various conflict management style. The five styles of conflict management style include: Competing, Avoiding, Accommodating, Collaborating, and Compromising. The competing style is like a shark, a competitive approach to ensure only your views counts. Avoiding is like a turtle, avoiding every situation and giving up. Accommodating is like a teddy bear, working against your own goals to move forward. Collaborating is like an owl, working together with your partner to achieve both your goals. Compromising is like a fox, negotiating half your goals in order to reach an agreement. According to the questionnaire, my conflict management style is collaborating.

My preferred style of handling conflict is collaborating. This conflict management approach is a win-win resolution. It is based on the belief that is possible to think creatively to resolve a conflict that satisfies everyone involved without exception. Collaborating connects greatly to my temperament style of a relater. As a relater, I’m interested in building a strong relationship and am non-confrontational. That’s ties into being a collaborator because I like to resolve a conflict in the least confrontational manner. By listening to everyone’s opinion and discussing their ideas. We can come up with an agreement, that ensure everyone fully gets their needs met. The goals of members are achieved and a positive relationship is still maintained.

My second most used style to handle conflict is compromising. This conflict management approach has no winner or loser. When collaborating isn’t po...

... middle of paper ...

...t them win, they might reciprocate in the future.

Conflicts within team members are unavoidable. If I find myself in a conflict situation with a colleague I must learn to resolve it effectively. First, I must be patience and listen to their concerns. I must learn to be cooperative so that we can resolve the problem with positive outcomes. We must collaborate together to come up with a solution that would satisfy both our needs. Secondly, I must remember that winning is not everything. I must learn to compromise and accommodate my team member needs to maintain a positive relationship. Even if it means giving up part of my goals. Everyone needs are important and all members should have part of their needs met. Not all conflicts are the same. We must learn and understand the five conflict management style to strengthen our skills in responding to conflicts situation.

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