Essay on Concepts Of Feature Computer Science

Essay on Concepts Of Feature Computer Science

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Concepts of Feature Computer Science
In the 21s century, the field of computer science is experiencing fundamental transformations. In this article “Three New Concepts of Future Computer Science” was written as an observation result of a new computer science resulted from the six-year Sino-USA computer science leadership exchanges. The authors of this article , Zhi-Wei and Dan-Dan Tun, list three new concepts of the future computer science: computational lens, computational thinking, and ternary computing. We view the salient feature of these concepts, discuss the way the displacement in the article had a positive affect, as well as the rest of the article.
In order for a reader to obtain an interest on such topic, one must compose a good first impression. That first impression is typically the title. Three New Concepts of Future Computer Science pinpoints the general idea enlisted in the article. Throughout the article it can be observed that the authors displayed the three concepts while also carrying them out with cohesive examples. One miniature fallback of the title is due to majority of the audience not being drawn because they lack interest on such topic. Other than not choosing an ingenious title to go along with the topic, the authors do acceptably well when pinpointing the subject within the title.
The second impression most readers critique is the introductory paragraph. Due to the length of this article being pages long, it can be inferred that this particular article consists of more than one introductory paragraph. The first few paragraphs introduce the general idea of Computer Science and the projects created by China and the US. Such paragraphs that only include facts in the introduction might impact the connec...

... middle of paper ...

The closing of the essay would more than likely satisfy most, if not all, readers. It listed the main ideas that were discussed as well as the methods that were used when displaying them. The authors also listed the different types of impacts China and the US have influenced. The thesis was also displayed in the last sentence, although worded differently. The conclusion was well thought out and well written.
This essay analyzed different parts of the article ‘Three New Concepts of Future Computer Science’ written by Shi-Wei Xun and Dan-Dan tu. The title, thesis, opening paragraphs purpose, methods author 's persona, and conclusions were closely looked at. All parts were essential when approaching the reader. Analyzing each section provided a better understanding on the article as a whole. Over all the displacement of the article had a positive effect.

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