The Con Artist Named Addiction Essay

The Con Artist Named Addiction Essay

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Andrea Studebaker
ENG 1113 CRN 12896
November 2, 2015
Essay #3 Final Draft
The Con-Artist Named Addiction
Sally Satel, author of “Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate? Wrong,” leads us down a harrowing path of the causes and effects that lead people to addiction. It can be a choice, possibly subconscious, or a condition that leads a person left fighting a lifelong battle they did not intend to sign up for. Mental and emotional health/conditions, personality traits, attitudes, values, behaviors, choices, and perceived rewards are just a few of the supposed causes of becoming an addict.
Satel tells us, “While theoretically anyone can become an addict, it is more likely the fate of some” (1). Amongst those in that category are women who were sexually abused as children. These women underwent great trauma and often turn to drugs to help them escape their reality. Then there are the children of addicts. Many gravitate towards following in their parents footsteps, as they are frequently abused or neglected during their childhood. However, some are fortunate enough to walk away from the lifestyle completely. It depends on if they also suffer from any of the personality traits that can also lead to being at a higher risk of drug usage.
Mental illnesses are another key component in the group of those more likely to use. The most common contributors are bipolar disease and depression. They alter the way beings think and lower inhibitions. Drugs may even help them cope with their inability to change the way they were born. While Satel tells us that these conditions heighten the probability of usage, her statement seems to be somewhat of a base-rate fallacy. The prior probability does not appear to be taken into account. It is very possi...

... middle of paper ... reality the drugs are only helping them hide from the truths they cannot face.
While Satel’s argument seems intriguing, it also appears to be a correlation proves causation fallacy. She implies that the correlation between conditions, personality traits, or rewards and drug use is the cause for addiction. When in reality the drug use may cause the characteristics described. The vast amounts of vagueness, misleading information, and overall carelessness involved in Satel’s article makes it near impossible for one to gather enough validity in her words to construct an actual opinion. So the phrase she is attacking “addiction doesn’t discriminate” cannot be proved entirely false. Addiction takes advantage of whoever it possibly can, like a con-artist in a room full of the most gullible people.

Works Cited
Satel, Sally “Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate? Wrong”

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