Computerized Education of the Future Essay

Computerized Education of the Future Essay

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If we take a look at the history of education for the past thousand years, little has changed in the way of learning and teaching. But if we consider how a personal computer (PC) could transform our society, business, and way of living in general, since the first of its kind was invented in 1975, we may just imagine how a PC can impact our educational system in the future (Evens 37). In such a short period of time, only 34 years, personal computers have changed our everyday lives so much, many of us, if not all, now cannot imagine life without it. In schools as well, PCs have already replaced ordinary notebooks, pencils, textbooks, and sometimes even whole classrooms, making it easier for students to take classes without even leaving their homes. In this paper, I will prove that in the near future computers will replace many instructors in our ordinary classrooms and training schools.
In today’s world, there are many schools that have already started to use computers and thus replace teachers in many respects. Many educational institutions offer on-line classes and even whole degree programs, so that the students do not have to come to classes and actually meet their teachers. Most of the on-line classes are based on programmed software and, therefore, do not require teachers’ engagement with creating lectures and boring grading. Nearly all the teaching software such as NovaNet Learning and Plato Learning are programmed lessons that are able to give feedback to a student, provide some clues, automatically grade assignments and tests, and help to improve student’s understanding by bolding the errors and helping to resolve them just as a teacher would do in an ordinary classroom. Indeed, these programs are being used in many Americ...

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...xperience for students all over the world.

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