Components Of Software Development Process Essay

Components Of Software Development Process Essay

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Software development process is similar to manufacturing a physical product like a car or some other electric appliance. In manufacturing the creation of a product is heavily process driven. You may have a factory where each person has a specific set of tasks they follow. A worker (or robot) may tighten a screw all day long. Then the next task in the process is performed by the next specialist. The workers (and robots) do not deter from the process or make something up "on the fly". The parts churn through the through the process, and the output is a finished product. It works well and companies achieve 99.99% defect free products. Companies iron out inefficiencies over time. This is impressive and very well may be the sign of a mature industry. However in manufacturing a defined process can literally create the finished product. I don 't think this is the case in software. We may have processes for source control, code review, check in sheets, requirements gathering, the SDLC, etc. But executing those processes does not in and of itself create a finished product. These processes may be beneficial, but are orthogonal to the actual creation.

Prior to joining Saint Joseph’s University for MS Business Intelligence and Analytics program, I worked for an IT company back in India that made software solution for telecom companies. They were following the waterfall model (System Development Lifecycle Model) for software development. My company was developing billing solutions for telecom companies. The sales team uses to produce prototypes or case studies of the previous successful customers to secure the billing software deal with the telecom operators.

The first phase in the waterfall model is planning. As soon as the company receive...

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...each project and some of the maintenance contract would also require my company to send resources at the client side to help the customer manage the software.

There are certain advantages for the waterfall model like it is easier to understand and manage as each of the phase has a clearly defined output. Whole team concentrates on one phase do not overlap with another phase so the quality of the output from each phase improves. However there are disadvantages too for the waterfall model as once you come to the later stages like testing the company cannot accommodate new requirements by the customer this changes can only be achieved through a change request and that may take a long time. We can expect a working software at the end of latter stages, there is a high risk and high level of uncertainty, not suitable for projects where the requirements keeps on changing.

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