Essay about Components Of A Computer Based Information System

Essay about Components Of A Computer Based Information System

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Information systems are used throughout the world. It is important to have a good design for your company’s Information system. Hardware components are the backbone of a computer based information system. Processing information requires a central processing unit (CPU). Three elements work together in the CPU1. Mathematical and logical calculations are performed in the arithmetic logic unit (ALU). Decoding of program information is achieved in the control unit. It is in the control unit that program information and data information flow is regulated. Registers store the information temporally for quick access before, during, and after the central processing unit executes them. Several central processing units can be tied together in a multiprocessor system. The advantage of a multiprocessor system is that more calculations-per-second are possible and this increases overall speed of the system. Computer and information systems of today are faster, more efficient, and have more storage capacity as compared to ten years ago.
When discussing information systems it usually sounds like a discussion about a computer. This is because computer systems are usually at the center of highly efficient information systems. It would take years for manual labor to work the same calculations that a supercomputer can do in one day. Speed of a system is measured in hertz (Hz). One hertz is one cycle-per-second. Systems run so many cycles-per-second that a multiplier is added. Megahertz is one million cycles-per-second and gigahertz is one billion cycles-per-second. Storage capacity is another method of measuring aspects about an information system. Printed circuit boards can contain thousands of circuits used to store information. ...

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... Input and output devices have changed over time. The only methods of Input used to be keyboard and mouse inputs now more complex technology will recognize speech and scanning devices can read a fingerprint or retinal eye patterns. Optical mark readers (OMR) are used for standardized testing like the SAT (scholastic aptitude test). OMR will see the marks made by a person taking the test and report it to the computer for statistical analysis. Your score is then compared to others that have taken the exam. These scores are kept in a record for further use as for college admission considerations.

1. Fundamentals of Information Systems Eight edition by Ralph M. Stair and George Reynolds page 63
2. Fundamentals of Information Systems Eight edition by Ralph M. Stair and George Reynolds page 65 table 2.1

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