Essay on Competitive Position Of A Generic Strategy

Essay on Competitive Position Of A Generic Strategy

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Strengthening Competitive Position
As part of a generic strategy, companies develop a competitive strategy and complement it with a strategic move to strengthen its competitive position. The strategic options are strategic alliances, collaborative partnership, mergers and acquisition, horizontal and vertical integration, initiate an offensive strategic move, employ defensive strategic move, the internet website strategy, and outsourcing (SNHU, 2016).
Complementary Strategic Moves
Target Corporation has developed many strategies to enhance its long-term growth prospects, particularly digital capabilities with a significant investment in technology and supply chain and repositioning healthier, fresher grocery that young and other shopper prefer (Target Roadmap, 2015). Target Corporation leverages opportunities such as a promotion of a brand name, promotion of store credit card discount appreciating customer loyalty and positions the store in a location that is convenient, carry unique merchandise and provide superior customer services (WCB, 2013).
Market penetration is another new opportunity that Target employs to bring more customers using online, in store, and orders online and pickup store format using digital and social media communication. Target is also taking advantage of a new retail format with a different mix of its growth opportunity in the same market segment offering new Target Express store and internet channels. Keep the brand promise and matching prices with Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy (ZACKS, 2013). Target strategy option of promoting its own store brand reward card gives customer additional discount an added advantage over rivals
Offensive and Defensively Strategic Position
Target initiated many strategic move...

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...ovides a digital first competitive advantage. The strategy of exporting goods through a portal sale allows Target Corporation to carry the lowest risk and provided with low operational cost as well as product differentiation. With the shipping collaborations, there is no need to transfer the competencies and there is no domestic competitor to compete with foreign customers. Target Corporation is not physically located in foreign countries and keeps the online portal available in many countries 24x7. Target Corporation needs to make its products competitive with foreign customers with free or reduced international shipping. Target Corporation can continue and extend the initial international online sales to access the new world market and make alliances with the international shipping companies and make it easy for international customers outperforming its competitors.

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