Competitive Instinct: New Orleans Saints Bounty Scandal Essay

Competitive Instinct: New Orleans Saints Bounty Scandal Essay

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Since the moment you had your first play date every single boy that has ever been born has always wanted to win or be the best out of what you are doing. This is the competitive instinct that is within everybody but especially in boys and men. Even when you’re a baby when another baby is around and that baby starts to get more attention than you your first reaction is to cry and demand attention. As we get older into our teens our competitive instinct blossoms more than any other emotion we have. In sports you always want to be the best, that’s why you play the game. You lift weights and do speed drills so that you get faster and jump higher just to help you become better than your opponent, the thing that drives you through your training is you competitive instinct. Even after we are done playing sports we make up our own games just so we can still be competitive with our friends and other people, prime example is fantasy sports. We treat it as if it were life changing for our team that we picked was able to beat or lose to your friends teams.

If we are pushed to our limits in high school on and off the field by our coaches and our families to be better than our opponent in our games or matches then I can’t even imagine how hard professional athletes are pushed to succeed. It comes down to the point where you will do anything to win and anything that your coach tells you to do even if you know its wrong. The professional football team

New Orleans Saints were claimed to be involved in a bounty gate problem which would mean that they were paying players bonuses to intentionally take out or hurt the opposing teams best players. It was found out that this system was in place in the Saints organization from 2009 to 2011 so it wasn...

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