The Competence Of Chinese Students Essay

The Competence Of Chinese Students Essay

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The Competence that Chinese Students Gain by Studying in America
The experiences of studying in America contribute to the professional development of Chinese students who return to work in China. As a powerful developed country, the US is at the cutting edge of many fields. Studying in American colleges and universities, students are able to develop their subject knowledge, skills and expertise on which they can live in the workplace after returning to China. By practicing their knowledge learnt in America, many of the returnees are able to become experts and leaders in their fields especially in science, engineering and technology.
Students can also obtain linguistic competence from the experiences of studying in the US. Because of economic development and globalization, China now has frequent contact with the outside world. Communicating with people from foreign countries is now common in the Chinese workplace. As a result, English is becoming increasingly important because of its global dominance. Several years’ studying and living experiences in America enable students to develop a good command of English. The ability of communicating fluently in English increases their employability especially in multinational companies.
There are also some abilities that Chinese students can obtain from their “learning shock” experiences in American universities and colleges. The different approaches to academic learning between China and America have been analyzed above by using Tweed and Lehman’s Confucian-Socratic framework. Because of such differences, when exposed to American academic environment for the first time, many Chinese students feel uncomfortable. Many researchers have studied Chinese students’ academic struggles in American ...

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...range of networks with those who have similar experiences, for example, those who used to study in the same university in America, those who also have the experiences of studying in America, and even those who have any intercultural experiences. The network of friends plays an important role in people’s career and life, especially in China where there is an emphasis on Guanxi – a central ideal in Chinese society about personalized networks (Wikipedia, Guanxi).
Generally speaking, when studying and living in America, Chinese students unavoidably encounter various adaptation challenges such as language anxiety, academic pressure and culture shock. In the process of coping with the challenges, they gradually possess series of skills, qualities and personal characteristics. The personal change and expansion positively influence their future trajectory of career and life.

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