Essay On The Ex-Plissit Model

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Describe and discuss the use of the Ex-Plissit model (Davis and Taylor. 2006) to support nurses to discuss sexual health issues with patients/clients. Discussing sexuality, sexual health or sexual problems with a patient can be an awkward task for any nurse. Nurses may find it difficult to bring up the topic of sex when engaging with their patients. The sexual health needs of a client should be evaluated when the nurse is assessing the patient’s physical, mental and emotional needs. Sometimes the sexual health needs of a patient are not seen as a priority, and can be overlooked or dismissed. The PLISSIT model was created by Jack Annon (1976), and is a tool nurses can use to evaluate and assess a patient’s sexual needs, or sexual problems a patient may be experiencing. The letters P.LI.SS.IT represents four stages of intervention: Permission, Limited Information, Specific Suggestions, and Intensive Therapy. In this essay I will be examining the use of the Ex-Plissit model, which is slightly different. The Ex-Plissit model is an extended version of the Plissit model, and was recreated by Sally Davis and Bridget Taylor in 2006. In the Ex-Plissit model, the stages of limited information, specific suggestions, and intensive therapy are all based on the initial ‘permission giving’ stage, in other words no further stages of intervention can be carried out without the patients permission. The Ex-Plissit model requires the nurse to reflect and review all stages of interactions with the patient. (Davis and Taylor 2006). The sexual health needs of a patient can be easily identified using the Ex-Plissit model, and it makes discussing the topic of sex more comfortable for both the nurse and the patient. It is vital for the nurse to crea... ... middle of paper ... ...stand the importance of constantly incorporating permission-giving questions when talking to a patient. I know if I had a sexual concern I would not feel comfortable addressing it to a nurse on my own, however if the nurse addressed the issue first, I would feel more confident voicing my concerns. I did not understand how important it is for nurses to consider the sexual health needs when assessing a patient. I believe there is not enough information provided on this topic. When on placement, I have never seen the sexual needs of a client being addressed or discussed. Before completing this assignment I did not consider the sexual health needs of a patient to be a priority, however my opinion on the matter has certainly changed. Studying this important topic has been an eye opener, and I hope to implement all that I have learned when I go out on placement.
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