Comparison of Temptation in Macbeth and A Simple Plan Essay

Comparison of Temptation in Macbeth and A Simple Plan Essay

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William Shakespeare once stated, “Temptation is the fire that brings up the scum of the heart.”(William Shakespeare) Although slightly bleak, many works of art have this similar idea. Through this, similarities are found concerning aspects of each work. Differences occur in the protagonist’s own personal journey on the path of temptation. Undeniably, this parallel is found within William Shakespeare’s own infamous play, Macbeth and the two-time Oscar- winning film, A Simple Plan. Macbeth is fighting for the honor of kingship even though he is not liable to inherit the crown and only becomes acquainted with the idea through a prophecy of three witches. Hank Mitchell, the protagonist of the movie, is presented with 4.4 million dollars in an abandoned plane that he and his friends are first to find. The journeys of both Hank and Macbeth follow a similar plotline that deal with character changes, conflicts confronted and a tragic outcome which seem to root from the pull of temptation.
The personality changes of Hank and Macbeth seem to be largely similar and follow a certain course from beginning to end. Seemingly, Hank and Macbeth appear to be noble and respected within their community. Macbeth is even titled as a nobleman fighting in war for his King, Duncan. He fights along his companion, Banquo, and together they are able to defeat their allies and earn much respect from the other citizens. Hank starts out as approaching fatherhood and works for an insurance company. Many people within his community know him, such as the local sheriff Carl, for taking care of his younger and less successful brother, Jacob. Primarily, Hank and Macbeth hold strong values to do the right thing while being an average man.
Towards the unraveling of ...

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...cbeth devises his own simplistic plan to become King, while Hank devises a strategy to have the money remain a secret. Highly motivated and indulged for different reasons, Hank and Macbeth find themselves on killing sprees and eventually reach their goal just to have it easily taken away, mostly due to ignorance. It is quite grim to wonder if all humans were presented with a temptation as appealing as power or money, how much it could turn the most noble of humans to diabolical and greedy as seen within the tragedies of Hank Mitchell and Macbeth.

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