Comparing Maryland and Texas Essay

Comparing Maryland and Texas Essay

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“You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective.” (Stone, 1962) The words stated prior by William Clement Stone have never proved to be more accurate. A person’s place of living, whether chosen, suggested, or forced, has a great affect on their future years to come. Depending on a person’s environment, they can succeed or fail; linger around or progress. The further proceedings do not serve the purpose to “knock” or bring shame or favor to one geographical area. Though every state has its pros and cons, one may highly favor one state over the other. In my case, I fancy Texas over Maryland. The topics that had a heavy impact on my decision were the similarities and/or differences in education, food, hospitality, medical care, and history.
The pursuit of education is important in one’s life; especially for the youth. With that being said, in terms of the public school system, Texas reigns as champion. The teachers in Texas public school systems actually teach. On the contrary, known from personal experience, teachers in Maryland public school systems tend to befriend the students rather than teaching. The majority of teachers seemed to be focused on being the teacher the students considered “cool”. While living in Texas, until I was eight years old, I learned more than “the hottest” new dance. I learned the basics in writing, math, history, and science that high school should have developed further, nurtured, or enhanced. My siblings and I have had to attend schools other than our local schools in order to receive a “decent” education; decent being in a more civilized environment that doesn’t resemble a zoo.
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...ears old. Therefore, her only option is the emergency room. The bills are steadily racking up.
Though there are many more differences, there are some similarities. Both states are historically rich. Traveling is a great way to enrich knowledge. Both states have a long, interesting history with landmarks as evidence. Some of the most renowned landmarks in Texas are the Alamo, Point Isabel lighthouse, and Texas state cemetery. In Maryland, some of my favorite places are the National Harbor, Merriweather Post Pavilion, and the Surratt house.
In summary, no two places are identical. I encourage traveling to broaden and explore new horizons. Every place has its glitz and glamour and don’t forget its dim and gloom. Though Texas and Maryland differ in education, food, hospitality, and medical care, they still are equally important in the historical days of our lives!

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