Comparing Big Vs. Small Colleges Essay

Comparing Big Vs. Small Colleges Essay

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Compare and Contrast: Big vs. Small Colleges

Upon approaching one 's senior year a myriad of decisions must be made. As a prospective college student who may plan to live on campus, academics are one of the various conditions a young adult should consider when making a college decision. Campus life could be what differentiates an average college experience from a superb one. One of the fundamental decisions a student must constitute is the choice between a large or small college. Although a lot of the time this decision is made on a case by case basis as different student with different majors carry different needs. Granting the elemental details such as class content, degree achievement, and extracurricular activities exist in both lifestyles; other aspects such as class sizes, major options, and sports could bear a legion of variability from one college to another.

As expected larger universities tend to include larger classes. Lectures could hold several hundred students in an auditorium resembling room, full of diminutive distractions. My friend who currently attends the University of Florida, a “bigger” public university, has a general chemistry 1 class with over 700 students. To put that into perspective, that is about a time and a half of a graduating high school class. Despite the fact this may not seem like it matters, as both a large and small class will be receiving the same materials, it could come into effect when needing extra help bringing up a grade in a class. Increasing one 's grade would be an enhanced experience if the students remain seemingly close to the professor, or at the least the professor could put a name to a particular face. This personal and cared for treatment prevail more abundantly in smal...

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...ions range from large universities, housing over 30,000 students, to a small town college campus with a class size of a few thousand. Either option is a great one depending on the circumstances of the impending student. Smaller colleges annex a smaller student teacher ratio which can aid in the mental development of students, but also tend to have less options in the majors for prospective students. Larger colleges offer various learning opportunities and resources which a smaller campus may not possess the necessary funding for. A a large college having a large social scene can become a vital contribution to a desirable college experience. Small and large colleges hold both positive and negative circumstances, but it is the student 's responsibility to determine which details to consider when choosing a college. Personally, I prefer a larger college or University.

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