Compare And Contrast Motherhood And Motherhood Essay

Compare And Contrast Motherhood And Motherhood Essay

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One long lasting trait that will never be lost within culture is how we adapt to motherhood. Motherhood is passed down from century to century, modifying and modernizing as we get to present day. There are vast differences from how my mother was raised to how she raises me. During American colonization, which is a debateable time range, two mothers from different backgrounds and morals use their motherhood to demonstrate their determination by going through something unfathomable. In Green Blanket Feet’s and Mary Rowlandson's survival entry, the setting and situation influences their motherhood. Both however, are influenced in different ways, such as Rowlandson’s situation turned her into “me first” mother, and Green Blanket Feet actions were unpredictable.
What is motherhood? Google notes it is a noun and defines it as “the state of being a mother.” Essentially this definition is correct, but when motherhood is said aloud it has more meaning than just being a mother. When motherhood is heard by my ears, I think of the sacrifices, the amount of love, kindness bestowed the nurture, and a barrier of protection. Both Green Blanket Feet and Mary Rowlandson demonstrate these traits, however in opposite ways. In both stories, the setting and situation formulate what type of mother they become.
In Green Blanket Feet, she falls in love with a white man who promises to love, care and provide for her and the children they bare. At the beginning of her story, she seems to be in control of her own life yet, she second guesses herself by truly asking herself if it was logical and safe to marry outside of her people. Green Blanket Feet does this when she is given a decision to choose between her people and family. “... I am called away; far...

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...eflect as much. It is natural, that when put in a situation that is unfamiliar your survival is based off of that situation. Both women demonstrated the ability to adapt to a new environment and changed their personalities and morals based on their situation. Without changing their motherhood they might not have survived. The notion of being able to adapt to your surroundings, and maintaining a sense of motherhood during a life or death situation, is not as uncommon as one would think.
Therefore, whether it is good, bad, strange, or indifferent we are all shaped by our situation. In Green Blanket Feet and Mary Rowlandson’s narrative, both mothers were shaped by the situation. If a child grew up privileged and sheltered, the child will not know any different because it was shaped by its situation. Similarly, a person that was raised unprivileged shapes their life.

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