Company Analysis : Hanesbrand Inc. Produces And Sells Clothing On An International Level

Company Analysis : Hanesbrand Inc. Produces And Sells Clothing On An International Level

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1) HanesBrand Inc. produces and sells clothing on an international level. The company website states they are a, “socially responsible manufacturer and marketer of leading everyday basic apparel” (Hanesbrand Inc.). The company is proud that they practice ethical business practices within the workplace. They own the majority of the facilities where their products are manufactured and produced meaning they are able to control the working conditions and wages within the facilities. They are the only apparel manufacturer to be distinguished by the Great Place to Work Institute for the facilities in the Central American and the Caribbean (Hanesbrand Inc.). The company has earned several notifications and awards from organizations for its facilities in the United States including the U.S. Environmental protection Agency Energy Star (Hanesbrand Inc.).
The company spans numerous countries. Unlike some of the products I found in my room, HanesBrand Inc. uses raw materials from numerous geographical areas. I plan to focus mainly on the use of cotton to produce a T-shirt for Rocky Mountain College. The main area of cotton growth is in Texas. The cotton is then sent 7,000 miles to China, Vietnam, or another country to be processed and manufactured into a T-shirt. Another 7,000 mile trip brings the finished T-shirts to the United States where they are distributed up to 3,000 miles away for individual consumption. Major retailers such as Family Dollar, JCPenney, Kmart, and Target sell the products to local communities.
An article in the Huffington Post was interesting. The article stated that Hanesbrands Inc. would be closing several manufacturing facilities in Central America and the United States and moving the operatio...

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..., I attempt to understand the company’s environmental and human ethics. This is important to me because I think a company that is practicing sustainable manufacturing will be a trail blazer in the future as opposed to companies that are focused on their profits. The company making sure its workers are same and earning enough so they can live is important economically. Poverty can be eliminated if all workers across the world earned enough to live comfortably and not just day to day. This seems like something out of a future world film but can be achieved today. Currently there is enough capital in the world that if it was spread out or used to improve living and working conditions much of the world’s poverty could be eliminated. I think that being conscious of the environmental and cultural aspects of a company is important to the purchasing habits of an individual.

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