Triangle Fire In The Triangle Factory

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The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
On March 25 ,1911 The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York city was burned becoming one of the deadliest industrial disaster in the United States history .Killing one hundred and forty six workers ,the majority of them women young as fourteen years old .Many of this women were immigrants that came to America for a better life,but before they could either they felt death or burned to death.Causing a big chaos on New York City during the Industrialization Era.
Throughout this time women were seen more as an object and did not have any rights and would stay home taking care of their children and husband.In Working Women and The Triangular Fire:Press Coverage of a Tragedy ,Elizabeth V. Burt explains the
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According to Valentine Democrat in “Chronicles America:Historic Newspapers” he specifies how big the building was and what floors did this company occupied: “This company occupied the top three floors out of the tenth floor Ash Building. Its workforce consisted of five hundred young seamstresses, mainly Jewish and Italian immigrants between the ages of therteen and twenty three , and fewer than one hundred men.” About two hundred people worked at the eighth floor in the cutting plant of The Triangle Factory were the pieces of the garment were cut and some of the assembling went on.Two hundred and fifty people worked on the night floor which was the main sewing plant and on the tenth floor they were about sixty other workers in the executive offices,sales departments,shipping packing,and pressing department on the top floor totaling about five hundred workers.While the steel and concrete building is fireproof the contents in it are highly flammable for that reason the foreman keeps a constant watch of the scrabs collected each day but most dangerously they would keep the exit doors locked to prevent them from leaving and…show more content…
The New york Times “Men and Girls die in the Waist Factory Fire; Trapped High Up in Washington Place Building; Street Strewn with Bodies; Piles of Dead Inside." describes the way this workers got killed: “Most of the victims were suffocated or burned to death within the building, but some who fought their way to the windows and leaped met death as surely, but perhaps more quickly, on the pavements below.” Unfortunately none of the employees who decided to jump to the floor survive.
In conclusion, the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire was a tragedy that could have been avoided. It caused many innocent people to lose their lives. But, fortunately this caused the factory owners and the government to take more precautions with the factory.Because of this incident, the safety standards have changed significantly such as better firefighting equipment, and fire alarm. Now there are more exit doors which can only be used as an emergency and if you intend to go through that door, the fire alarm will turn
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