Triangle: The Fire that Changed America

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“The ‘Triangle’ company, “With blood this name will be written in the history of the American workers’ movement, and with feeling will this history recall the names of the strikers of this shop- of the crusaders” (Von Drehle 86). Even before it happen, the Forward predicted the terrible disaster of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory that occurred one year, one month, and seventeen days later (86). Triangle: The Fire that Changed America, by David Von Drehle tells the story of the horrible fire. David Von Drehle is a journalist for The Washington Post. Von Drehle put a tremendous amount of work into writing Triangle. All of his work paid off because Von Drehle received many awards for Triangle. Some of the awards include Winner of the 2004 Christopher Award, Amazon Top 50 Book of the Year, New York Society Library Book of the Year, New York Public Library Book of the Year, and Washington Post Book World Rave of the Year (Inside Cover). Some of his previous works include Among the Lowest of the Dead: Inside Death Row and Deadlock: The Inside Story of America’s Closest Election (Back Cover). Von Drehle was qualified to write this book because of his occupation, experience, and interest in the event. His occupation is as a journalist and as a journalist he tried to report the story of the fire. Experience wise, Von Drehle used many resources and even got to visit the eighth, ninth, and tenth floors, and the roof, of where the fire occurred, which is now the Brown Building of NYU (Acknowledgements). Von Drehle also spent time doing research in the Library of Congress (Acknowledgements). A major source that he used was the transcribed testimony from the trial of People of the State of New York v. Isaac Harris and Max Blanck. He got help... ... middle of paper ..., like counterfeiting and Blanck being arrested. “The fire had been a slow death for the company” (266). Triangle is an amazingly written book about the true events that took place on March 25, 1911. This book would be highly valuable to historians because it gives a fully detailed account of the events that precede and followed the Triangle fire. It has a more permanent interest because of the time it took place, almost one hundred years ago. Some of the people like Charles Murphy, Charles Whitman, and Max Steuer then would have been thought to always be remembered, but today they are nearly forgotten, known only to historians, and not always well known to them (267). Overall, the Triangle fire really was the fire that changed America because it brought change politically to Tammy Hall, change for the workers and a push towards a better future for workers.
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