Community College Education : An Example Of Earning A Higher Education College

Community College Education : An Example Of Earning A Higher Education College

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Many students looking to continue their education ask themselves many questions. For example: What they wish to major in? What are the options available and how much money is involved? David Hosansky discusses educational institutions in his article “Community Colleges.” De Los Santos of the League for Innovation in the Community College says, “community colleges are filling a gap that is not being met” (qtd. in Hosansky 393). The initiative of allowing some community colleges to offer four-year degrees is a just another way collaborating together to improve education. Transfer credits are an example of one way they work together. Community college education is often devalued, offering four-year degrees will expand economic and academic options.
To continue on to earning a higher education money is essential, especially as tuition rises. Many students are preoccupied with the process of earning a higher education. One cause for worry is the ability to pay for tuition. The enrollment at a community college or four-year institution greatly affects the amount of tuition being paid. With financing options ranging from grants and scholarships to state and federal aid, helping to pay for those tuitions. Though funding is not limited to just one system, earning a four-year degree is mostly limited to four-year institutions, where tuition is higher. According to Hosansky, “Average in-county tuition for public community colleges rose about 28 percent between 2004 and 2015, while in- state tuition for public four-year universities increased nearly 42 percent” (qtd. in Hosansky 392). By offering four-year degrees at community colleges, many students would save money by going to a community college rather than a four-year university. When f...

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...ucation? Is it a unique educational enterprise standing apart from both these worlds, yet at the same time able to link them in new and constructive ways” (qtd. in Hosansky 398). Community colleges offering four-year degrees will be a matter of research. With the controlled variable being the types of four-year degrees allowed to be provided by community colleges. The success of this initiative is yet to be established, meanwhile institutions will have to keep up with the possible funding and academic competition. The education system needs to be innovated to adapt to the economic recession that has caused budget cuts. Students should take the opportunity presented and not let it pass. Most people struggle to get a higher education. This gives students an advantage in getting closer to earning a degree and demonstrates the value of community colleges’ opportunities.

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