The Communist Regime in Romania Essay

The Communist Regime in Romania Essay

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Romania and Communism

The Communist Regime in Romania was overall one of the toughest compared with what happened in other countries in Central-Eastern Europe; except, of course, the Soviet Union under Stalin. Communism in Romania is presented from the politic and economic points of view, as well as social perspective through the lack of freedom that affected Romanians’ lifestyle for many years.
The history of Romania sees several criminal and political facts through Communism Regime. The Socialist Republic of Romania comes into effect officially from 1947 to 1989. The Romanian Communist Party made up from about 1,000 people, evolved from a Leninist sect into a mass party and became an important part for the establishment of Nicolae Ceausescu’s personal dictatorship. The creation of the Romanian Communist Party (PCR) takes place on May 8, 1921, and from 1924 to 1944 was under the name of Romania Mare. Initially, it was a small party until 1944, having about 300 members, mostly workers. The coming to power of the Communists took place on August 23rd, 1944 when Romania fell from the alliance with Germany. The goal of the Communists ensures a parliamentary majority. After the 1946’s elections, the Communists took the systematic liquidation of dissent. In the evolution, the communist regime in Romania had two stages: the Stalinist regime and the national-communist. Applying the Soviet model - Sovietization of society, economy and culture on the principle of class struggle, supervision institutions, nationalization and collectivization and Russification phenomenon, meaning Russian culture and Russian language as the only language. Romania was under the Soviet influence between 1945 and 1989. In 1985, by the time when ...

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