Essay about Communication Is The Way Of The World Today

Essay about Communication Is The Way Of The World Today

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Communication is the way each one of us communicates to one another in the world today. For instance, if there act no way in relating to a person by understanding the person. There are two forms of communications, and called the verbal communication and the second one is called nonverbal communication. Oral consist of communicating with your voice with another person while nonverbal consist of communicating through the body language or gesture of an individual. The principles of teaching are to understand better a person in different places of the world.
The first principle is that, there are several languages in the world today, that are significate equal value. The second principle is that each language has its dialect. For example, everywhere in the United States of America has a different dialect of the same language although in different regions. For instance, being from different regions such as North, South, East, and West these Americans have a different dialect of how one communicate. However, if a Northern person would go to the south, he or she would not be able to understand a person from the dialect. The writer is from the south, however her pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar do not resemble the south. In the United States, each one talks differently from one another as strong as communicating in a first way than others. The third principle is one of the facts to understanding what a person says throughout his or her vocabulary, that may not be the same as the other person, and he or she will have to translate. In most cases all throughout the United States, there are (Morgan, 2010) “miscommunication for lack” of understanding of another. The fourth principle is to understand and recognize another vocabulary, simp...

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...unication process, by using the term (Weiner & Biondich, 2006) “Information Technology (IT)” for health care professionals. (Weiner & Biondich, 2006) “Information Technology” is starting to support each and every health care facility to use technology such as messages instead of hand notes, emails, and face to face perspectives.
In conclusion, if there is no way of communicating how will each other communicate. For instance, these different forms of communicating aid every generality to communicate, through verbal and nonverbal communication. However, people from different cultures has to find a way of understanding one another, to prevent miscommunication if only one person is sharing or suggesting. Share time to understand a person pronunciation of words from another region, sometimes it may not be the same as the other persons, although it is the same vocabulary.

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