Essay about Communication Is A Fragile Piece Within A Business

Essay about Communication Is A Fragile Piece Within A Business

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Business communication is used to manage relationships, promote products or services, and discuss operations and procedures within a business. Communication is a fragile piece within a puzzle that a business must nurture in order to be successful. Businesses will be faced with adversity throughout their existence, and it is how they handle their operations and reputation throughout a crisis that will ultimately determine whether they last. A crisis management plan will help a business to assess a situation, develop a plan of action, and put a plan in to motion. The following information will explain how to address a subordinate during a crisis situation and how to communicate and manage a situation correctly.
Addressing employees correctly during a crisis situation can be difficult, but being able to control your emotions and make rational decisions will help to quickly and efficiently resolve the crisis. In this example, a district manager must address a theatre manager after hearing that the theatre has bed bugs and people are getting bit on the news. The district manager is out of town on business and was told by his theatre manager that there was nothing to worry about. In this situation it is difficult not to panic and become angry, but since the district manager is out of town and cannot manage the situation on-site, the district manager needs to manage the crisis first and the employee later. Anyone in this situation would want to scream and yell at their employee, but doing this does not fix the problem. There will be time after the situation is resolved to communicate with the employee about their actions and decisions. The district manager must manage the situation carefully and be sure not to get involved emotionally...

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...perly when responding to a crisis situation can help the business manage the situation quickly and efficiently. Communication within a business is important for operations and productivity. Communication during a crisis is important for the overall survival of the company. Having a crisis management plan in place to help foresee any unexpected events before they occur may prevent a crisis. Training employees for a crisis situation can help a business to bounce back immediately after dealing with a crisis. A business that is unable to successfully and efficiently deal with a crisis will fail. A crisis is something that is usually unforeseen, but it is something that can be planned for. A business that has a crisis management plan and understands how to properly communicate with their employees during a crisis should be able to rebound and survive a crisis situation.

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