Payroll Case Study

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The Director of the Human Resources received complaints from several managers and the Senior Manager in Payroll. The complaint was regarding Personnel Actions being processed late in the Human Resources Information Center (HRIC). The Director was urged by the leadership to put the pressure on the on the team who processed these actions, since it was causing issues across the organization. With the knowledge of these concerns, he recognized it was necessary for him to determine why the Personnel Actions were being delayed and causing the issues brought about by the various levels of management. To demonstrate his understanding of the importance on this matter to the leadership, the Director first addressed the issue with the Manger of the…show more content…
While delving through the large amounts of information and transactions, he indeed found that a high percentage of actions were being processed late. As he took a deeper dive into the material, he began to see an unexpected pattern evolve. The pattern discovered, verified the HRIC analysts were approving the initial actions in a timely manner, but the first or second manager in the approval route consistently responded to the Personnel Actions in a delayed fashion. Consequently, this delay sequentially caused a cascading effect across the board. This discovery triggered the Director to examine the problem quite differently than when it was first brought to his…show more content…
The Director and the HRIC manager convened with a group of managers who were consistently delinquent in approving Personnel Actions. In the midst of these discussions, two issues were discovered. The first matter, which materialized was the fact that many of the managers were confused by the instructions disseminated by the HRIC analysts in the weekly reminders on how to approve the Personnel Actions in the attached link. The second problem was, occasionally when they went into the Worklist to authorize the actions, they were no longer available to

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