Communication Among Children And Teenagers Essay

Communication Among Children And Teenagers Essay

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Communication Suffers
Communication in comparison to fifty years ago is a difference of night and day. As technology continues to advance, our generation’s communication skills continue to decline and become less personal. Some of these poor habits include avoiding face-to-face communication, taking advantage of being behind a screen, and much more. Erin Stewart states “face- to -face communication among children and teenagers is being squashed out by social networks. A phone call isn’t used to get in touch with someone anymore; Facebook and Twitter are the main tools of communication. The consequences of this are social awkwardness and even social anxiety when confronted with new people to meet in person” (par. 6). Some may say that this technology is beneficial to communication; however, texting and other forms of social networking is hurting communication by causing the Y generation to develop improper phone etiquette while in the workplace.
Due to the advancement of technology, there has been a change in communication for the Y generation (age 18 to 33). My parents never built their relationship through depersonalized messages; it was built on authentic, face-to-face experiences. They were taught how to deal with conflicts the right way by communicating in person or talking on the phone, rather than passively sending a text or email. Technology has let communication become too accessible, and consequently, generation Y neglects to speak face-to-face. We continue to develop poor ways of interacting with one another, which will only continue to hurt us in the long run. Katherine Bindley states that generation Y has "trouble initiating interactions, those small talk situations. They don 't have as much experience...

... middle of paper ... to communicate with people across the world without having to leave the comfort of our office. Programs like Skype allow for people to talk despite distance. International conversations have become much more accessible to businesses, and has benefited travel costs and efficiency.
Whether technology is having a positive or negative influence on our generation depends on perspective. Although it has provided us with poor communication skills and conflict resolution skills, it has given us the ability to communicate in a more innovated a convenient way. Our world would thrive more than ever if there were a way to balance technology and personal experiences. Perhaps a solution could grow in the works of this ongoing problem. If the use of technology could be managed when it comes to communication use, who knows what the Millineals would be capable of?

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