Essay about Communicating Religion

Essay about Communicating Religion

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When different from our own expectations, we often formulate conclusions regarding a person’s attitude or behaviors. Reasoning is hypothesized. We conjure explanations and fixate on the resultant conclusions. Failure to further evaluate a situation by asking simple questions escalates misinterpretation and assumptions are made on limited information.
In the book, Opportunities and Challenges of Workplace Diversity, two scenarios wherein employees refrain from certain activities on specific days of the week are discussed. Jonathon, a top business school graduate resists working on Saturdays, claiming prior engagements and responsibilities. Coworkers began doubting his dedication. Similarly, Jenny, once a collegiate athlete declined the invitation to be part of a company softball team that congregated on Sunday’s. Colleagues questioned her resistance and lack of involvement.
The possible explanations for each person’s behavior are endless. Jonathon may have devoted so many hours, including weekends, to his college degree that he now highly values his time off after a long week of corporate devotion. Or, he may be assisting his family in overseeing treatment for an ill parent and offers weekend care which precludes his presence in the office. Alternatively, this young man may practice a religion or belong to a group such as that of Sabbatarian faith (Hicks, 2003) that prevents him from providing time at work on Saturdays. Similarly, playing competitive softball through high school and college may have left Jenny physically and emotionally exhausted with the sport. Additionally, she may have sustained an unapparent chronic injury that actually prevents her from participating. Her priority may be volunteering at a homeless shelte...

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...Considerately, our friends are also cognizant of workloads, efficiently forthcoming regarding anticipatory absences and acknowledging regarding other’s faith and associated practices. Open communication between employers, co-workers and employees plays a key role in religious awareness and acceptance.

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