Common Types Of Batteries : Lab ( Lead Acid Battery ) Essay

Common Types Of Batteries : Lab ( Lead Acid Battery ) Essay

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Common Types of Batteries
LAB (Lead Acid Battery)
The lead acid battery was first discovered and invented by a French physicist called Gaston Plante in 1859. The lead acid battery was the first type of battery that was rechargeable.

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Plante first model for the rechargeable lead acid battery consisted of two lead sheets that have been rolled up and separated by a flannel. This is then placed in to a dilute (10%) sulphuric acid solution.

Construction of a Lead Acid Battery

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Inside a standard lead acid battery it consists of two plates. There is a positive plate (+) which consists of lead peroxide (PbO₂) and a negative (-) plate which consists of lead (Pb). These two plates are placed into a dilute sulphuric acid (H₂SO₄) solution.
Discharging of a Lead Acid Battery

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For the discharging of a lead-acid battery it first must be connected to a load. When it is connected to a load, a chemical reaction between the sulphuric acid and lead plates happens and creates electricity to power the load. The same chemical reaction also coats the positive and he negative plates with a lead sulphate substance. As the battery becomes more and more discharged then the amount of lead sulphate building up on the plates is increases as the voltage of the battery decreases. Water (H₂O) is also produced as part of this process, and as a result it reduces the density of the sulp...

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The amount of capacitance that a capacitor can have will increase as the surface area of the plates increase, also the amount of capacitance will increase and as the distance between both of the plates decreases. Supercapacitors get a much larger capacitance from a combination of the plates having a large surface area and the plates having a less distance between them because of their effective double layer.

The first supercapacitors were made in the late 1950s, the first supercapacitors consisted of plates made out of using activated charcoal. Since the late 1950’s there has been a greater development of the supercapactiors by using different materials to produce more effective plates. The types of materials that are now used for the supercapacitor plates are carbon nanotubes, graphene, aerogel, and barium titanate.

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