Essay about Common Perspectives Of Crime : Criminologist

Essay about Common Perspectives Of Crime : Criminologist

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There are three most common perspectives of crime that criminologist can agree to, they provide a better understanding of why citizens engage in criminal activity; these perspectives are the consensus view, conflict view and interactionist view. As each is further examined, it will give an explanation of what constitutes criminal behavior in addition to why the public employs in criminal activities. Devoting time to analyze crime, its patterns and trends’, criminologists attempt to outline the role society plays in influencing criminal law and how criminal law shapes society.
The consensus view says that criminal behaviors are equally revolting to every class of society. More specifically, it is the agreement of behaviors or actions that are considered unlawful in which the majority of citizens can concur. The social institutions aid in supporting the common goal of the greater good of society. If any law is violated, a crime has been committed; the law applies equally to all citizens. This approach believes in the ideal justice system at all levels. The justice system and society should work hand in hand instead of in competition with each other. Experts in this area note that specific laws are created at all levels so that no class of society is held accountable, no less than the other. It would be idyllic to see a justice system that functions in that capacity; however not realistic. The consensus view contrasts considerably with the conflict and interactionist view, which are in belief that crime is in some way connected with positions of authority and/or power.
Social harm, a concept closely associated with the consensus view of crime describes behaviors such as rape, robbery, murder and arson as substantially deviant behavi...

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...iderably deviant such as skipping school or fighting; in the given environment the behavior may be acceptable. However, to authorities, this criminal behavior is punishable and the delinquent dealt with. The interactionist theory, suggests that punishment in these situations is expected to make matters worse. Treated as delinquents and placed into reform programs with older criminals, they begin to self-identify as delinquents; increasing the chances that the young men will go on to be life criminals (Goode, 2011, p. 53). It is through interactions with individuals that “self” identity is constructed. When people have different meanings of those symbols, problems can arise. Without the interactions of individuals here is no “self” identity. As interpretations vary from one group to another, it is assumed that reality is shared by others, however not always accurate.

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