The Commercialization of Drugs in Malasya Essay

The Commercialization of Drugs in Malasya Essay

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According to the Malaysian legislation, specifically the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952, drug trafficking activities include the ‘manufacturing, importing, exporting, keeping, concealing, buying, selling, giving, receiving, storing, administering, transporting, carrying, sending, delivering, procuring, supplying, or distributing’ of any prohibited drugs including marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, morphine, heroin, opium among others (Dangerous Drugs Act, 1952). Drug misuse is considered a demoralizing factor in nation-building thus anti-drug law is regulated with an aim to create a society free of drugs, in terms of both supply and demand, thus enabling a morally-conscious and functioning nation. Nevertheless, the numbers of drug addicts and drug traffickers are still worrying. There is a total of 10,500 drug traffickers detained between 2006-2011, and there is a reported total of 7,864 drug addicts, 3,096 of whom are repeat offenders, in Malaysia regardless of the strict regulations impose against drugs (Laporan Dadah Bulan Disember 2013, n.d.). This paper will seek to examine whether Malaysia’s progress towards achieving a drug-free nation and its limitations by exploring the factors contributing to the drug issue, in terms of both demand and supply, and an analysis on the history of prohibited drugs in Malaysia.

The commercialisation of drugs in Malaya since the early 19th Century generated much political influence and financial wealth for the British India Company. There were three main types of drugs evident in Malaya at the time — opium, morphine and cannabis. Opium was regulated by the British especially after 1910 when the Company gained full control of opium sale, import and distribution, while morphine and cannabis was no...

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