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Comfort In The Air

Have you ever been on an airplane where you were so desperate to use the lavatory that you rush out of your seat only to abruptly hail to a stop as you see the food trolley moving ever so slowly down the aisle? Nature calls and mentally all you want to do is push everyone out of your way, hurl the trolley against the wall and run like your life depends on it towards the lavatory. Of course, that would not be the action of a sane individual. Instead, they would wait patiently, trying to control their bodily excretion. Is that the kind of behavior airliners want to trigger in a client? I believe not. Such difficulties should and could be avoided by airlines willing to please their customers by providing them with a more innovative solution in serving food and beverages.

An innovative idea would be, instead of pushing an in-flight service cart across an aisle and stirring up discomfort, installing a sleek design ceiling rail and attaching a wheel-less in-flight service cart to it, is the solution to this dilemma. Unlike the vertically shaped cart presently used in airplanes, this new product would be horizontally structured. Attached on the top of the cart is a hook-like technology that allows it to connect manually to the ceiling rail that is installed in the middle of the ceiling, where the aisle pathway runs. The aim for this new product is to make it easier for passengers to move freely around the airplane at all times, without worrying about a blocked aisle. With that in mind, the wheel-less in-flight service cart would be wider in size, but shorter in height, making it easier for passengers to walk right beneath it. The wheel-less food cart would have the dimensions of half that of a regular wheel-ba...

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...dustry as a whole. Moreover, improving passenger satisfaction, which ultimately is the most essential part of the industry. The wheel-less food cart, would not only serve passengers in a better manner, but will also help airhostesses perform their tasks with a more stress less approach (Subordination). The airline industry undivided has developed many new dynamics to the latest aircrafts both externally and internally. Such as, modernized seats, grander lavatories and much more. However, the issues of food carts have not yet been addressed. If this idea were to be taken seriously, implemented efficiently, designed professionally, for people of all classes from economy, business, and first (Triplet), then we would be a step closer to equality. Although this method is not favored by most airlines, it could be a new approach to equalizing the classes (Subordination).

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