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The color of one’s skin does not determine the potential of an individual. People have been created in one form, which means that everyone can be of good quality. Blacks are always known for their hard work, their skills, dedication and determination. The colour of a person doesn’t determine one’s intellectual capabilities. It is one’s knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and their desire. Going back to my elementary and high school days, I used to be the top performer in my class. My grades were always outstanding, and I was ranked in the top ten students of my school. I was awarded for my hard work and accomplishment. I was very fortunate as I had the help from my parents, who both graduated from university with first class honors and are working professionals today. Having the desire to achieve my goals, I have disciplined myself to work hard and persevere. Stereotyping black people to be unintelligent is untrue and is potentially harmful. Three reasons for my claim are: my experience as a black student, a reflection from the staples essay and a summary of an article.
Being a student from I was six until today, I realized that intelligence is in the genes of everyone. I am black, and intelligent. Having passed through my primary, secondary and now at my tertiary education I can say that the colour of a person doesn’t define who the person is. I remember my days in high school where throughout my hard work and determination, my grades were always good, and I was a straight ‘A’ student. Because of my colour, my teacher didn’t want me to graduate. She was operating from the stereotypical thinking that blacks are unintelligent and are incapable of college work. Going to college was my greatest desire. I had to prove to her on my l...

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...t, but the stereotype attached to them. Murphy included studies done by other researchers to show that performance of students suffers as they were worried about the negative stereotypes about their group. This stereotype was harmful to them because instead of getting the grades they wanted, they end up failing. In the article, Annie stated that, “the evolving literature on stereotype threat shows that performance is always social in nature. Even alone in an exam room, students hear chorus of voices appraising, evaluating, passing judgments. And as social creatures, humans are strongly affected by what these voices say”.
It is not acceptable for people to be judgmental of other people, because of their ethnicity. Base on the three reasons, examples were given to prove that stereotyping black people to be unintelligent is untrue and is potentially harmful to them.

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