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Colonialism And The American Revolution Essay example

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In 1776, the 13 colonies finally won independence from Great Britain and King George III. The colonists had fought for their rights, liberties, and to be free of the strict control from Great Britain, which treated them unfairly as a part of the British Mercantile system. The history of settler colonialism and the American Revolution had influence the creation of the U.S. Government through politics from the very beginning, since the Puritans settle in America to escape religious persecution. Settler colonialism had led U.S. to develop a central government of representative democracy with sets of rights declaring the freedoms and liberties of the citizens.
Settler Colonialism influenced the politics of the U.S. Government through the idea of self-governance, causing the colonists to create a government of representative democracy. The idea of self-government in the colonies first started when the Puritans of Mayflower bound to land in Virginia, landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts instead (Independence Hall Association 2008). Since they landed in the wrong place, there was no charter to govern them. “So they drafted the Mayflower Compact, this basically declared that they would rule themselves” (Independence Hall Association 2008). This idea of self-governance, the Puritans ruling themselves through Mayflower Compact, had later influenced the self-government of the U.S. Government, causing the colonists, to create a form of democracy to govern themselves. Another document to consider was William Penn’s Towards the Present and Future Peace of Europe, published in 1693. Penn claims, “It is certain that the most natural and human government is that of consent, for that binds freely,.....when men hold their liberty by true obedie...

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...of years ago, it still very much impact our ways of living today. If American Revolution hadn’t happened, we may still be a part of Great Britain even today, and we may not have the liberties to voice our opinions to the government or vote for leaders who would later represent us. We may not be able to enjoy our freedom of speech, our rights to refuse the housing of soldiers, and our right to protect ourselves. In 2015, we have the choice to vote for our leader, our president who would represent all of our ideals and opinions, and we do not have to have a biased bigot ruling over us. Having a representative government with separate branches of government and certain liberties as citizens were all influenced by settler colonialism. These rights and democracy grant us the rights and liberties we enjoy today, and will continue to shape the politics of U.S. Government.

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