College Students Should Not Study Abroad Essay examples

College Students Should Not Study Abroad Essay examples

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Less than 10% of American college students study abroad as stated by the Elmhurst college. Students who have studied abroad say It was well worth it and it helped them personally develop and had greater job opportunities because of it. College students should be required to study abroad because it will further advance themselves for the real world today.
Although, Some people are against studying abroad because of little knowledge of other languages, living with a random family, or because its too expensive. There are some study abroad programs that teach classes in English. The student could also pick a country where the majority speak English. Living with a family would give the student a better cultural perspective on things because they would eat home cooked meals, and be in the foreign language environment, and it would help them learn more quickly. Study abroad programs are generally cheaper than actually living at home. Also the financial aid the student receives from college will transfer over to the study abroad program as well.
Students should be required to study ab...

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