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College: Staying close to home vs. Going away Do you think it's better to go away for college or stay close to home? When teenagers finally reach their senior year of high school, they begin applying to colleges. Once they get to filling out application forms, they must decide whether they want to go away or stay close to home. Many students chooses to stay close to home and some plans on going away. A lot of people grow up saying that they want to going away for college, mostly because of parents, but once they start filling out applications, they don’t want to go away anymore. There are many pros and cons to whether a student chooses the option to stay close to home or go away for college. I believe that staying close to home is the better option because as a student fresh out of high school, you shouldn’t have to worry so much about bills and money problems. I believe that those are problems for when you are older and you fully understand how to handle your money and problems that you would face later on. Many people don’t understand what it means to go away. There are many responsibilities that comes with going away. Once they choose to go away they officially become an adult and have to do everything on their own and would have to focus on their classes as well. There are many pros and cons for going away for college. Once they choose to go away, they would then have to face financial problems. Every school offers Financial Aid but not all students is granted full tuition. Financial Aid may help some kids with their tuition but is don’t help all, which is why most schools offer scholarships, but if they are not covered for full tuition from the school then they are required to pay. “It is very rare for a student to receiv... ... middle of paper ... ...n for someone who wants to go away for college still be close to home. So you’ll be getting the experience for college, but can still go home every once in a while. Works Cited Driscoll, Emily. “Going to college close to home vs. leaving the nest" 22 Feb. 2013 “Should you stay home or go away for college?” 19 Dec. 2014 Fortenbury, John. "Should you stay home or go away to college?" 23 March. 2013 Mosley, Jenna. "Pros and Cons of Going to a College Far From Home" 15 Nov. 2011

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