College High School Is Taught Me A Lot Essay

College High School Is Taught Me A Lot Essay

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Cleveland Early College High School has taught me a lot. Cleveland Early College High School has also taught me that it is okay to make mistakes as long as you own up to them and claim responsibility. I remember my 9th grade year and we had a math assignment to do. My best friend and I worked together on the assignment at her house. A few days later the teacher pulled us aside and asked us if we had cheated. I immediately said no, but we worked on the assignment together at her house. The teacher quickly explained that it was supposed to be an individual assignment and that we would have to do another one, and this time by ourselves. We took responsibility for the mistake that was made on our part, and even though the teacher was a little annoyed she understood that it was a mistake, and that if she had said that in class we didn’t hear her. As long as you own up to the mistake you made then everything should be okay. You made the mistake so you should be prepared to face the consequences.
As I grow older, I am learning that stress is a part of life especially when you’re trying to be successful. School stresses me out the most. But Cleveland Early High School College has taught me how to balance work and play. It is a lot of work, sometimes unnecessary work because school has become more about passing, and not learning. I use to skip nights of sleep when I had big assignments due or if I had multiple assignments for different classes. During the week I would make sure that I focused solely on school work and studying for tests, etc. As a senior, I didn 't have school on Friday’s but I would still dedicate my entire friday to school work. I’d make sure that i’d get as much work finished as I could. Sometimes when I had more work...

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...t I’ve started doing that because it is paying off. My brother is excited to go to school and I want him to keep that excitement through his school years. I want him to keep that love for knowledge that he has now at such a young age.
High School Musical lied big time. High School isn’t dancing on tables in the cafeteria and singing and running through the hallways, it’s calculating the lowest score you can get on a test in order to pass, it’s staying up all night memorizing 6 chapters for a test you have first thing in the morning, it’s learning to text without looking at the screen, it’s learning how to eat, sleep and listen to music in class without getting caught. High school has been a very fun and eye opening experience for me. But I can say that I will not miss walking these halls. It’s time for me to say goodbye to high school and hello to college. (9m 16s)

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